Best 7 Jump Cues: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Jump Cues

If you have been having a hard time executing the perfect jump shot, it is probably because you have been using the wrong pool cue. Mastering the jump shot takes speed, power, and accuracy to execute.

While you might be able to manage all this with your shooting cue after much hard work and frustration, these sticks aren’t made to take the hard hits that go into a good jump shot.

A jump cue is specifically designed to withstand the sheer energy and power needed to jump a cue ball. Additionally, a jump cue has all the specifications that you need to execute the shot properly.

There are dozens of jump cues on the market and choosing the best one might seem like an impossible task. We will cover the 7 best jump cues to help you make your decision as well as cover the important aspects of choosing a pool cue, how a jump cue compares to other types of pool cues, and FAQs that cover the most critical questions about jump cues. 


7 Best Jump Cues

Players Exotics E-JC Birds-Eye Maple and Rengas Jump Pool Cue

Players Exotics E-JC Birds-Eye Maple and Rengas Jump Pool Cue
  • Sleek wrap less handle for a smooth feel and uninterrupted stroke

The Players Exotics E-JC is sure to attract some admiring looks with its sleek hard rock maple aesthetics. The visuals aside, its super-hard Bakelite tip ensures that you hit your jump shots accurately.

At roughly 7 ounces, the jump cue is super light and affords you maximum acceleration so you can hit the ball with optimum power.

This Players Exotics jump cue is also very affordable for the quality and functionality you get and works wonders in the hands of a seasoned professional or amateur player just learning to make a jump shot. There is little to complain about except that this is a 2-piece jump cue which makes the long-range shots that much harder to make especially if you are vertically challenged.

What We Like:

  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Great value for money
  • Super-hard Bakelite tip is perfect for making jump shots
  • The extra light-weight design maximizes jump shot speed and power

What We Don’t Like:

  • 2-piece jump cue may not be ideal for long-range shots

Lucasi Air Hog 2 Jump Pool Cue Stick

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LUCASI is a respected brand in pool circles and is known for its exceptional wood selection and treatment. The company also relies heavily on laser technology during manufacture which shows in the quality and functionality of the pool cues it produces.

The Lucasi Air Hog 2 is the perfect jump cue for the seasoned pool player looking for a 3-piece jump cue that is versatile enough to handle close, awkward, and long-range jump shots.

The cue sports a carbon fiber ferrule that protects your shaft from splintering despite your hardest hits. The Air G5 grip gives you a good handle on the cue while the patented X-Shox Dampening System absorbs the shock and vibration from your most powerful shots so you never lose control of your follow-through.

Another great bonus to owning this 3-piece jump cue is that you can use the 12″ cue extension with any pool cue that uses a UniLoc joint.

The main downside of this cue is that it is overkill for amateur or intermediate players who cannot fully appreciate the technology that has gone into the making of this world-class jump cue.

What We Like:

  • Professional-grade jump cue for expert players
  • Carbon fiber ferrule protects the shaft from jump-shot wear and tear
  • High-tech grip absorbs shock and vibration from extra-hard hits
  • 12″ extension is perfect for long-range shots

What We Don’t Like:

  • Too advanced and expensive for beginner to intermediate players

ASKA Jump Cue

ASKA Jump Cue, Hard Rock Canadian Maple, 29-Inches Shaft, Quick Release Joint (JC01 Purpleheart Butterfly)
  • Purpleheart Spliced Maple, Butterfly Desing, 13mm Ultimate Phenolic Black Tip, Butt 12-inches, Shaft 29-inches

This ASKA is a 2-piece jump cue and is the most affordable option in this review. If you are a firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for’, this is one of those rare circumstances where the adage doesn’t apply. This jump cue is made from Hard Rock Canadian Maple which is strong, durable, and nice to look at.

This cue also features a quick-release joint which makes the assembly quick and easy when you are in the middle of a game. Additionally, you get a hard phenolic tip which is crucial for making those all-important jump shots.

The main downside to this cue is it’s relatively heavyweight at 9-10 ounces. This weight is still within the acceptable range of a jump cue (5-10 ounces) but professional and intermediate players may think it is a little heavy. All things considered, the ASKA jump cue offers most of the perks of professional jump cues at a fraction of the cost, making it perfect for a beginner.

What We Like:

  • Very affordable
  • Good quality construction using Hard Rock Canadian Maple
  • Easy jump cue for beginners
  • Comes with a phenolic tip despite the affordable price

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some players may find this jump cue a little heavy at 9-10 ounces

Predator Air 2 Jump Cue

Predator is yet another big-name brand in pool circles and it is no surprise that the Predator Air 2 makes it on this list. The 3-piece jump cue is 47″ with the extension or 40″ without the extension, giving you the flexibility you need when faced with long or short-range jump shots.

The phenolic tip is reinforced with carbon fiber and sports an enlarged sweet spot to reduce the chances of a miss cue once you have perfected your technique. This design also makes it a little easier for beginners to master their jump shots.

Another feature that professional pool players may especially love is that you can increase the weight of the Predator Air 2 by up to 3.5 ounces to get your perfect shot.

The only downside of this cue and some players might find this trivial, is the matte black finish which some might argue interferes with the natural wood aesthetics of a pool cue. Many players also like the authentic feel of the cue in their hand which you don’t get with this option.

What We Like:

  • Phenolic tip reinforced with carbon fiber for optimum energy transfer
  • Comfortable grip
  • Adjustable weight to get the perfect jump-shot
  • Professional-grade jump cue at a fair price

What We Don’t Like:

  • The matte black finish might be unattractive to some people

Pechauer Jump Cue

The Pechauer Jump Cue is 41″ long which is well within the range of the acceptable length for a jump cue. The tip sports phenolic construction so you know it will put up with the consistent abuse of making jump shots.

The simple but elegant Birdseye maple aesthetic is especially good looking while maintaining the strength and durability of the more traditional North American maple.

The ferrule is made from phenolic which reinforces the strength of the shaft so you can expect to have this cue for a long time despite regular use. This is a great jump cue for beginners and intermediate players and comes with many of the features that you find on premium cues.

One downside of this jump cue is that it is a 2-piece cue that professionals might find limiting for long-range shots or when weight adjustment is required.

What We Like:

  • Beautiful Birdseye Maple aesthetic and natural wood feel
  • Phenolic tip and ferrule reinforces the strength of the jump cue
  • Great value for money

What We Don’t Like:

  • The 2-piece jump cue does not support weight adjustment (weighs 9 ounces)

LUCASI Specialty Jump Cue

LUCASI Specialty Jump Pool Cue (L-2000JC)
  • Manufactured By Lucasi (Model L-2000JC)

LUCASI makes a second appearance here with this Specialty Jump Cue. This 2-piece cue weighs 8.5 ounces and is 41″ long which are exactly the kinds of specs you want on a jump cue.

The extra hard composite tip does a great job of giving you the hitting power you need to make a jump shot while the hard rock maple construction means you will be using this pool cue for a long time to come without splintering or damage.

People who like the feel of the cue in their hands will appreciate that this one doesn’t come with a wrap. This is definitely one of the more affordable options considering its build quality and overall performance.

On the downside, while some people appreciate the feel of wood on their hand while they play, people with naturally oily or clammy hands might find this cue a little slippery and/or uncomfortable.

What We Like:

  • Great value for money
  • Good length and weight combination for a jump cue
  • High-quality jump cue from a reputable manufacturer
  • Ideal for beginner, intermediate, and even professional players

What We Don’t Like:

  • May be uncomfortable for people with clammy palms

Lucasi Hybrid LHAH5 Air Hog Technology Jump Cue

Lucasi Hybrid LHAH5 Air Hog Technology Jump Cue
  • G5 Grip wrap with the X-Shox Dampening System for a comfortable, stable grip with less vibration

Last but not least we have another LUCASI jump cue, this time the Hybrid LHAH5 Air Hog. The jump cue features an extra-hard Bakelite tip with an extra-large sweet spot to eliminate those pesky miss cues.

This is a 3-piece jump cue, giving you 40.75″ with the shaft and short butt and an impressive 52″ with the shaft and full butt to make long-range jump shots a breeze. You could also use the shaft with your breaking cue butt if you have a compatible pool cue.

This is a very well built cue with a carbon fiber ferrule to protect your shaft from shattering. The G5 grip wrap fits nicely in your hand and guarantees a firm grip. This technologically advanced jump cue also absorbs shock and reduces vibration for maximum shot control.

The only real downside here is that it may take beginners a little bit of time to get used to the cue.

What We Like:

  • Excellent quality pool cue from a reputable manufacturer
  • High-tech jump cue absorbs shock and reduces vibration
  • 3-piece jump cue is up to 52″ long
  • Comfortable grip

What We Don’t Like:

  •  A slightly harder learning curve for beginners 

What is a Jump Cue?

A jump cue is a type of pool cue that is specifically designed for making jump shots during a game of pool. This pool cue addresses the major challenges of making a legal jump shot including heavy cue, awkward hand position, slow cue speed, potential damage to the tip and/or shaft, and difficult aim among others.

Jump cues are relatively new to the game but have proved indispensable in making jump shots easier to master and perfect. 

Jump Cue vs. Shooting Cue vs. Jump Break Cue

There are three main types of pool cues and it definitely helps if you know the difference. Using the wrong pool cue can lead to all kinds of problems the least of which is damaging your cue. At the very least, you can drastically improve your technique, accuracy, and gameplay by using the correct cue for the purpose.

There are a couple characteristics that differentiate a jump cue from your ‘regular’ cue including length, weight, tip construction, and shaft. Jump cues are typically shorter than a shooting cue at 40 to 48 inches and weigh less, usually between 5 and 10 ounces.

Jump cues also have an extra hard tip, usually made from phenolic or bakelite to account for the extra power you use when making a jump shot. The shaft of a jump cue is also much stiffer than a shooting cue for the same reason.

Shooting cues are about 57-58 inches in length and weigh between 15 to 25 ounces. 

Jump/Break cues

Jump/break cues are a cross between a jump cue and a break cue. Since you need most of the same features for both types of cues (extra-hard tip, stiff shaft, and reinforced ferrule), it makes sense that manufacturers would combine both types to make a single cue.

Jump/break cues typically have a heavy base for extra grip and power when breaking. The base comes off so that you can use just the shaft for your jump shots. 

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Jump Cue

With so many different brands of jump cues on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down your options to the perfect one. Luckily, there are a few criteria that you can use to ensure that you get the perfect jump cue.

1. Length

Jump cues are typically shorter but still have to meet the minimum length for tournament play which is 40 inches. These pool cues range between 40 to 48 inches, sometimes longer like the LUCASI Hybrid LHAH5 Air Hog Technology Jump Cue. The ideal length really depends on what you are comfortable with but as a rule of thumb, the taller you are, the longer your pool cue.

2. Tip

Pool cue tips come in three main types, hard, medium, and soft. You’ll need an extra-hard tip for your jump shots, preferably made from phenolic or bakelite. The hard tip transfers optimum power to the cue ball without damaging the tip.

3. Weight

The weight range for a typical jump cue is between 5 and 10 ounces but the perfect weight depends on who you ask. As a general rule, the lighter jump cues are better for close jump shots and trick shots while heavier ones are better for long-range shots.

If you really want to cover all your bases, a 3-piece jump cue weighing between 5 and 6 ounces is a near-perfect option. The shaft will be perfect for the close-range and trick shots while you can add weight and length by attaching the butt for your long-range shots.

4. Two-piece or three-piece cue

This option really boils down to your personal preferences but 2-piece cues tend to be cheaper and have more options to choose from.

A 3-piece cue gives you more versatility as it may come with an extension for taking long-range shots or you can remove the butt and use the shaft to shed weight or when playing around tight spaces.

You can also replace the 3-piece jump cue butt with a different one, such as a shooting or breaking butt.

5. Wrap

The wrap material is also important since it might affect your grip and comfort while shooting. Many players prefer wrapless cues because of the natural feel of the wood in the hand. This option can be a little uncomfortable for people with clammy or sweaty hands depending on the cue finish.

Leather is also very popular and so is rubber, especially for people with clammy hands. Irish linen is also great for sweaty hands and is a top choice for professional players for its moderate grip. The lesser grip may sound like a bad thing but it can offer more control and accuracy over the cue ball for highly skilled players.

6. Ferrule

The ferrule is often overlooked but is a critical part of a good jump cue. This part sits between the shaft and the tip and absorbs shock when you hit the ball. A good quality ferrule will prevent the shaft from shattering during a particularly hard shot such as a jump shot.

You want a ferrule made from carbon fiber, Elforyn, Ivorine-4, or other tough material that is not prone to cracking or chipping.

For the most part, as long as you are not buying the cheap 1-piece cues you typically see at the local bar, ferrules are well made, especially for jump cues. 

Jump Cue FAQs

Do you really need a jump cue?

If you intend to make jump shots frequently, then you definitely need a jump cue. A jump cue is the golf equivalent of a sand wedge if you need to make a special shot.

You could easily damage your shooting cue since the soft tip is not designed to handle the impact of a strong jump shot. You also risk shattering your shaft if you don’t use the proper cue for the purpose.

Lastly, since the jump cue is specifically designed for making these shots, you will be able to hit the jump shots easier and more consistently. 

Is it legal to jump the cue ball?

A proper jump shot is 100% legal as long as you do not scoop the cue ball. A scoop is where you hit the ball below the center to lift it or scoop it off the table bed. The ferrule and the shaft should not come into contact with the ball during the shot and you can only hit the cue ball once to make a legal jump-shot. 

Where should I hit the cue ball to jump?

You need to hit the cue ball through the center to make a jump shot. Lift the back of the pool cue 45 degrees and shoot down while following through with the shot rather than jerking the cue back after hitting the ball. The amount of force you use will determine the height and distance that the ball will jump.  


If you are in the market for a jump cue, the good news is that you are spoiled for choice. It helps if you know what you are looking for in the pool cue to help you narrow down your choices.

If you plan on making the occasional jump shot or are a little skeptical about getting a jump cue, the inexpensive ASKA Jump Cue is a perfect fit and will serve you for a long time or until you are ready for a more ‘sophisticated’ cue.

The Players Exotics E-JC Birds-Eye Maple and Rengas Jump Pool Cue offers amazing value for money and has all the typical features of a professional jump cue at a fraction of the price of a premium cue.

For those that do not spare any expense for their hobby or profession, the Predator Air 3 Jump Cue is a premium and high-tech cue that any player worth their salt would be proud to own.

Whatever the case, any jump cue featured in this review is worth considering seriously.  

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